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  • CNC Qhov Kev Pabcuam
    CNC Qhov Kev Pabcuam

    Jeasnn CNC milling department produces a variety of customized products.

    For complex parts diameter with tight tolerances, our offer:

    High accuracy parts with tolerances in the .000’s in inches.

    Complex parts with multiple operations handled in one set-up.

  • CNC Machining Kev Pabcuam
    CNC Machining Kev Pabcuam

    We offer tight tolerances CNC machining services.

    Accommodating approach vectors for complex geometry from any angle.

    Faster delivery of prototypes and production quantities.

    3 axis Machining,4 axis Machining,5 axis Machining,Precision Machining.

  • CNC Xa Kev Pab
    CNC Xa Kev Pab

    Muaj peev xwm tsim cov khoom tig, nrawm, ua tiav hauv ib qho haujlwm.

    CNC tig quotes hauv feeb.

    Peb mob siab rau muab qhov ceev tshaj plaws CNC machining hauv kev lag luam.

    Our turning parts are widely used in lighting,Fall Protection,auto parts..

  • Automatic Tshuab dhos Machining
    Automatic Tshuab dhos Machining

    Quick turnaround time and improve quality in the manufacture of metal part.

    Samples are ready in as fast as 30 minutes.

    Flexible order quantities.

    Jeasnn machining a mix of parts that range from small to large volume.

  • SWISS Screw Machining
    SWISS Screw Machining

    Trusted materials:Aluminum,SUS,brass,steel etc.

    Most coarse and fine metric, inch, and some NPT thread sizes.

    Custom screws design accepted.

    Polishing,Anodizing,Electroplating,Black oxide ,Heat Treating available.

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